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Hogwarts Legacy fans should check out this adorable Steam RPG

Hogwarts Legacy fans should check out this adorable Steam RPG

It's a teeny tiny witch

Brewing potions and fulfilling customer orders for a bunch of evil-looking minions is a key feature of this adorable Steam game. Released this year from Creative Hand, this PC exclusive title is perfect for all the witches and wizards out there.

Playing as a witch, the game has a few things in common with Hogwarts Legacy, namely brewing potions. In Tiny Witch, you spend your days slaving away over a hot cauldron while a plethora of minions visit your shop trying to buy the potions you create.

Take a look at Hogwarts Legacy in action below.

The aim of Tiny Witch is to keep producing potions and fulfil customer orders. Using the equipment within your shop - the usual witchy fare, cauldrons, pestle and mortar - you'll dash around combining ingredients to create customer orders. Unlike other games where you would have to head out into the world to discover ingredients, Tiny Witch keeps you in the shop. Everything happens here and it all comes down to timing. Don't let its adorable visuals fool you though, this game can be fiendishly difficult.

Because everything comes down to timing, it almost becomes a rhythm game of utilising the shortest routes to your equipment, ingredient chest, and the customer drop-off point. You only have a set amount of time to fulfil an order and if you fail, you'll have to replay the day. So, while a little tricky, after a while you'll get used to the way the game plays and find yourself happily brewing away the hours.

Tiny Witch is a great little game to follow up Hogwarts Legacy. It's lovely to look at, features some great animation and allows you to carry on pretending to be a witch. You definitely need to check out this one.

Featured Image Credit: Creative Hand, Warner Bros. Interactive Games

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