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Hogwarts Legacy fans need to try this stunning free Steam download

Hogwarts Legacy fans need to try this stunning free Steam download

Hogwarts Legacy fans might want to try this free Steam download

Hogwarts Legacy is one of 2023’s most beloved games and that’s certainly saying something considering it’s been one of the best years in video game releases in recent memory.

Unfortunately, releasing so early in the year may have been to the detriment of Hogwarts Legacy’s potential success. In a year that also included The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Baldur’s Gate 3, and Alan Wake II to name but a few, it’s easy for even the best games to get lost in the shuffle, which is probably why Hogwarts Legacy didn't receive a single nomination at The Game Awards held next month. This was surprising at the very least in the audio and sound design categories because if not nothing else, Hogwarts Legacy sounds sublime. That in itself can be considered an injustice.

Check out the Immortals of Aveum trailer below!

Hogwarts Legacy was initially released for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S earlier in the year and it might be fair to assume that many gamers have seen all there is to see in the digitalised School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. At the time of writing, there is no official word that Hogwarts Legacy 2 is on the way, other than some rumours circulating the internet.

So what else could help to pass on the time until Hogwarts Legacy 2 may or may not arrive? Well, it may not be a perfect game by a long stretch, but just because a game received mixed reviews, it doesn't mean that it’s bad and unworthy of our attention. Released in August 2023, the game in question is Immortals of Aveum developed by Ascendant Studios.

According to Metacritic, Immortals of Aveum scored between 65 to 79 depending on the platform. Sadly, the success of the magical finger-banging first-person shooter was deemed a failure and as such, the development studio was hit with mass lay-offs in September this year.

Immortals of Aveum is at its heart, a first-person shooter, but rather than using guns, you instead shoot magic out of your fingers. For some reason, that sounds wrong. “In a world shaped by conflict and bloodshed over the control of magic, known as the Everwar, one soldier with newfound powers is reluctantly thrust into mankind's endless battle,” reads the synopsis of the game.

If you want to try Immortals of Aveum right now then you’re in luck, because this game with stunning visuals and at times fun gameplay is free to download on Steam right now courtesy of a playable demo. If you find Immortals of Aveum to be your cup of tea, it’s also 50% off its RRP in the Steam Autumn sales.

Immortals of Aveum is out now on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Hogwarts Legacy is also out on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Games, Electronic Arts

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