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Fallout fans, you need to see this new Unreal Engine 5 RPG

Fallout fans, you need to see this new Unreal Engine 5 RPG

Serum should appeal to those of you looking for some more post-apocalyptic action

It’s lovely to see Fallout’s continuing renaissance. If there’s one downside, it’s simply that the launch of Fallout 5 is so many years away.

Yes, Fallout 4’s new-gen update is keeping us all busy and occupied but still, Fallout 4 is approaching its 10th anniversary next year.

Eventually, fans are going to grow tired once more as the craving for something new intensifies but with Bethesda still hard at work on Starfield’s post-launch content and the upcoming The Elder Scrolls VI, it’s unlikely we’ll see Fallout 5 land during this console generation.

While that thought sends a pang of sadness through me, I have found a little antidote as the upcoming Unreal Engine 5 survival RPG Serum could satisfy those of us looking for some more post-apocalyptic action.

Take a look at Serum in action below.

Developed by Game Island and set to be published by Toplitz Productions, Serum sees players enter a world where “an unknown liquid takes control of your life”.

Essentially, that titular serum is coursing through your veins. It’s your life force, but it can also power you up to deal with a number of dangerous foes.

“Unravel the mystery of Serum and survive the fight against time amidst a ruined world of destruction and mutated creatures,” teases the synopsis.

“Your life is at stake! The toxic fog obscures the dangers in an apocalyptic world where every second counts. A relentless timer on your arm decides between life and death. Prove your courage, explore the mysterious environment for resources and brew serums for unique abilities.”

“Every dose of serum can make the difference in the fight for survival against mutated enemies. Find shelter in the chaos, search for technology and modify weapons for greater effectiveness. The race against time begins now.”

You’ll be able to create tools, traps, and weapons, while gathering resources from the world around you - including the ingredients you need to create more serum.

As for weapon types, you’ll be able to select from melee, ranged, and throwable options so there should be something to suit all playstyles - and oh, did I mention you need to also maintain your stamina and health? Plenty to think about.

Serum is set to enter early access on 23 May so you don’t have to wait too long before you can give this one a whirl.

Featured Image Credit: Toplitz Productions

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