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Elden Ring meets Valheim in breathtaking new survival RPG

Elden Ring meets Valheim in breathtaking new survival RPG

The worlds of Elden Ring and Valheim collide

Whether it's the Lands Between of Elden Ring or Valhalla of Valheim, players can be immersed for seemingly endless amounts of hours in the wonderfully crafted worlds.

So when a new video game comes along that blends some of the best elements of FromSoftware’s Elden Ring and Iron Gate Studio’s Valheim, it will most certainly get our attention. The game in question is the indie title developed by DigitalSouls, Kingdom of Fallen: The Last Stand and it’s available now on PC.

Check out the Kingdom of Fallen: The Last Stand trailer below!

“This is a game inspired by survival and Soulslike games. You need to gather clues about your missing daughter and defeat fearsome bosses, fight to survive, craft to weaponise and build for your future to get out of this cursed kingdom,” reads the description of the game on Steam.

As you can see from the trailer and the game description, Kingdom of Fallen: The Last Stand is a sandbox, crafting and survival game with its combat apparently inspired by the likes of Elden Ring and Dark Souls. Whether this indie title can get anywhere near the quality of the beloved FromSoftware games remains to be seen.

That being said, judging by the Steam user reviews, Kingdom of Fallen: The Last Stand does appear to be suffering from early launch bugs and glitches. Hopefully, the developers at DigitalSouls can iron out those issues ASAP because this game does have some promise.

However, there were some positive words by the Steam community such as “I played this game a while back when it was a demo, it's well worth the small price,” said

GreattCornholio and “It's certainly not a Soulslike, however, for those that enjoy games such as Risen, this is a cheap yet enjoyable game,” TilusBlazk explained.

Kingdom of Fallen: The Last Stand is available now on PC.

Featured Image Credit: DigitalSouls

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