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29 free Steam games you can download and keep this weekend

Ewan Moore

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29 free Steam games you can download and keep this weekend

Featured Image Credit: Valve

Allow me to set the scene: it's the long Easter weekend and you have nothing to play.


For some reason you hate Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Dragon's Dogma 2 makes you angry because an ogre sat on your save file and deleted it or something.

Maybe you've spent all your money on Easter eggs and don't currently have the budget for new games? I don't know your life. What I do know is that you can currently download and play no less than 29 free games via Steam. We've been keeping track of these games all month, and here is the definitive list at last for your perusal. Hopefully you find something nice and free that suits you.

  • Real Life - "Survive the dungeon and return to the tavern with loot to go farther, or die alone and lose everything."
  • Echo Of Ayllu - A free-to-play fantasy deckbuilder.
  • Acorn Cop - A throwaway shooter minigame where you have to make sure you hit the acorns and not people. Sound advice for life in general.
  • Museum Mystery - Another deckbuilder, because these are the kinds of games that will take hours of your life in the blink of an eye.
  • A Step From Insanity - A 2D platformer that I'm sure definitely deals with the delicate subject of mental illness in a totally sensitive way.
  • Slot Fever - Sounds like it could be the name of a bad porno, is in fact just a slot machine simulator. Obviously be careful with this one.
  • Toy Shire: Room One - I especially love the look of this one. Think Toy Story meets Tower Defense. What a combo.
  • No Love Lost - A vibe-y extraction shooter.
  • Pixel Royale 3D - A kind of Minecraft style battle royale. Looks pretty fun!
  • Skelethrone: The Prey - A dark metroidvania fantasy RPG.
  • Dreamland - This one look completely wild to be honest, like Fortnite crossed with a VR chatroom on steroids.
  • The Showdown Effect: Reloaded - A fast-paced 2D shooter that actually looks like it could be a ton of fun.
  • Genopanic: Prologue - A really gorgeous looking pixel-art metroidvania.
  • Final Dash - Some kind of 2D endless runner/platformer. Seems pretty cute.
  • CastingPlz - An adorable two-player adventure game about lil' wizards.
  • Kingdom: The Blood - "I got this for free and still feel scammed," reads the top review. Make of that what you will.
  • Pipe Escape - A 2D puzzle platformer that lets you live out your dream of being a pipe.
  • Special Force Legion Of Monsters - I'm not going to lie to you, this one has mostly negative reviews. Avoid unless you're really interested.
  • RaceTrap - A cute looking arcade racer.
  • Duel Revolution - Doesn't look a thing like Pokémon. Nope. Nothing to see here, Nintendo lawyers.
  • Meta-Ghost: Prologue - A really stunning looking cyberpunk rougelike.
  • Bolt 'N' Punch - A fun, stylish beat 'em up set in a food factory.
  • Guano - You play as an asshole seagull. That's the entire premise, but it's a strong one.
  • Night Runners - Looks an awful lot like a Need For Speed game set in Japan, which is definitely not a bad thing.
  • World War Next - A free-to-play low poly FPS that looks like it could be a good amount of silly fun.
  • Operation Space Force - Another free-to-play shooter, though this one is set in space. I'm sure you probably could've worked that out from the title, though.
  • World of Shooting - A first-person shooting sports sim that aims to offer a more realistic experience. Instead of running around shooting bad guys in the face, you try being a responsible gun owner and shoot targets.
  • Moon Rider - A really rather striking looking adventure game that claims to be all about soul searching. Sounds like it could be an interesting experience.
  • The Tipping Point - A free educational game designed to teach kids about climate science. Whip it out in your classroom and become the coolest teacher ever.

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Ewan Moore
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