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Starfield speedrunner smashes through game in a matter of hours

Starfield speedrunner smashes through game in a matter of hours

One Starfield speedrunner has already completed the game is less than three hours.

Starfield is a game that’s supposed to last you hundreds of hours but naturally, that’s never going to stop speedrunners from trying to blast through it as quickly as possible.

The day is almost upon us. Starfield leaves early access tomorrow, meaning it’ll become available to everyone. Well, everyone who has purchased it at least or is looking to download the title via Xbox Game Pass. In our review of the game, we wrote, “Here is a galaxy where you can be whomever you choose, from outpost trading specialist to the galaxy’s most-wanted criminal. The level of interactivity and choice is unbounded leading to an experience that is, dare I say, revolutionary.” While you can probably complete the main campaign in 20 to 30 hours, there’s a vast galaxy to explore. Ignoring that fact though, one speedrunner has managed to blast through the game in less than three hours.

Take a look at our video review of Starfield below.

As reported by VG247, players who have been enjoying Starfield in early access have been comparing their speedrun times in a dedicated Discord server. To begin with, some were bragging about 10 hour completion times. Now though, one player has achieved a sub-three hour run. To be precise, user Micrologist finished the game in two hours, 51 minutes and 42 seconds.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that Micrologist is a pro who breezed through the story. Speedrunners are already finding bugs and exploits they can take advantage of. Some players have already found that you can trigger short teleportations. No one has yet managed to fully clip through an environment though.

In related news, Starfield players are insisting it gets better if you stick with it. I do seem to be one of the few who clicked with the game instantly, but I guess everyone is different. You can also gain one of the game’s best space suits near the very beginning using a handy trick one player spotted.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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