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Starfield ruins everything one day ahead of launch with new trailer

Starfield ruins everything one day ahead of launch with new trailer

Pack it up, go home, cancel your games, Starfield is over before it's started

Starfield embargo will lift later today, yet nobody is really bothered about that now anymore, as fans unanimously agree that Starfield has been ruined thanks to its new trailer. To be clear, the disappointment has nothing to do with graphics, it’s all about the music, chiefly music by Imagine Dragons.

Let that sink in for a moment, folks. Music that has been described as “formulaic garbage” is the song that everyone is soon going to associate with the sci-fi RPG, whether they want to or not. It could already be too late and we’ve all been infected, it’s hard to tell.

Listen to how the music should sound with this Starfield live performance!

Before any Imagine Dragons fans come for me, I’ve liked a couple of their songs in the past. However, it’s fair to say that their music isn’t the kind of vibe anyone was hoping for, especially having heard such powerful, emotive music from an earlier game leak that left fans in awe. Not forgetting the incredible live performance of some of the soundtrack from Gamescom 2023.

So, why, with so many crying into their morning coffees, has this partnership happened? We say money, but Bethesda had a more poetic explanation: “We're honoured that Imagine Dragons took inspiration from Starfield for their new single, Children of the Sky.” Ah, yes, that sweet inspiration… of making a buttload of money. At this point, nobody actually cares about the song, we’re here for the memes and lols only, and they’re in abundance across social media.

“Okay now this is a red flag” said Twitter user Giovanni Colantonio, while other users said that this was Starfield’s “first L” the game had dropped since it was announced. Over on Reddit, the onslaught continued, with one user describing Imagine Dragons music as “ musical wallpaper, but it’s well produced wallpaper”. Think of it as so generic it’s underwhelming, but there’s just enough there to grab your attention, even if that attention is followed by a swift cringe.

The biggest fear everyone has now is that we’ll be hearing this song while playing the game, as one Redditor expressed, “God help me if this song plays at absolutely any point during this game. Oof.” Yes, none of us want to be at a pivotal moment in the game, only to hear a raging generic tune belt out across space.

If you’re still on the Starfield hype despite the tragedy of this song, Early Access begins on 1 September, while the game will launch on 6 September for Xbox and PC.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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