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Star Wars finally explains controversial plot point that's annoyed fans for years

Star Wars finally explains controversial plot point that's annoyed fans for years

Ahhhhh, so that's the reason why

Not to be melodramatic, but this scene has haunted us ever since we first saw it; thank goodness we finally know why it happened.

Star Wars is divisive. It shouldn’t be, but we all know how much the fandom likes to kick up a stink for absolutely no reason – just look at how quickly some fans review bombed the wrong film by mistake.

A misguided sense of duty, full on bigotry, or just being mean for the sake of it; whatever the reason behind it, the fandom is known for behaving harshly to any and all aspects of the franchise it doesn’t approve of.

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One film scene that encapsulates that perfectly is the way fans reacted when Leia embraced Rey after Hans died rather than offering support to Chewbacca.

It seemed so out of place considering Hans’ best friend was right there, still reeling from the pain of a dear friend dying.

However, it seems Leia’s actions aren’t as odd as we first thought.

Skywalker: A Family at War, by Kristien Baver, offers a different perspective that addresses the controversial plot point.

“For Leia, unlike her husband, Rey was more than a chosen daughter figure. Rather, she saw the troubled orphan as she viewed the children of Alderaan after its destruction, like so many other refugees she had encountered through her long years on the frontlines,” the book reads.

Later on, the book speaks of being connected through empathy, further explaining why, in that moment of loss, they were drawn to one another.

The extract says, “True to form, Leia found the strength to comfort the young woman, even as she grieved the loss of her own husband... The daughter of Vader and the granddaughter of Palpatine were united in empathy and grief.”

Then, of course, there’s J.J. Abram’s explanation about said scene, which refers to the the unique bonds of the Force flowing between both women.

Arguably, this is regarded as the “canon” reason. “The reunion would be a meeting and a reunion all in one, and a sort of commiseration of their mutual loss, Abrams remarked”

We may know the reasons for the perceived snub, but we still feel bad for Chewie.

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