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Skyrim players find new Winterhold College secret after 11 years

Skyrim players find new Winterhold College secret after 11 years

It was staring us in the front all along!

It’s unlikely we’ll ever tire of Skyrim when there’s still so much to do and see.

Each day, we seemingly discover more about Bethesda’s acclaimed RPG despite it being considered an old game.

Not only does this demonstrate how incredibly rich in lore it is, but it also highlights the tenacity of the fandom.

Want to see what other Skyrim wins and fails are out there? Then check out the video below

We’ve unearthed a quiet town’s darkest secret, and now, a Skyrim player has found a secret lurking in Winterhold College.

Fear not, for this one is way more wholesome than some of the other secrets we've learnt of.

“TIL that you can light the beacons on the path to the College of Winterhold,” posted xDarnelx, alongside a video showing them lighting up one of the many beacons.

As fans predicted after seeing the video, this discovery is the basis of an article; but why shouldn’t it be? It’s a neat part of Skyrim’s attention to detail and thus is deserving of our attention.

Besides, not everyone knew about this little detail.

“Oh, good lord – how many years and still new things,” commented Acceptable_Bag_29, therefore proving you can play the game several times over and still miss things.

When know-it-all players started to criticise others for not knowing this due to Faralda lighting said beacons when you first visit the college, the OP had something to say on the matter.

“I know that Faralda lights them, I should have put more emphasis on you in the title. I wondered if she had a specific spell that did it,” they explained.

Turns out, there’s no special spell or incantation here, you can just light the beacons if the mood takes you.

It’s not just neat lighting tricks that you can find while exploring, there’s also hidden quests that the majority of you have missed during your first, and maybe even second, playthrough.

Use your noggin and engage those peepers; explore every inch of the map while interacting with all possible items. It’s worth it in a game like Skyrim.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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