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Skyrim player finds new quest after 10 years, is blown away

Skyrim player finds new quest after 10 years, is blown away

Skyrim really is the gift that keeps on giving!

Can you ever fully know a game, to the point you’ve completely searched every inch of its map to completion? We used to think so, but now we’re not so sure after a Skyrim player didn’t discover a quest until a decade of playthroughs.

Obviously, they didn’t game Skyrim solidly for 10 years, but the player in question did multiple runs without discovering this quest, thus proving how easy it is to miss moments in any video game.

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But what, I hear you cry, is this elusive quest? The East Empire Company quest given at the docks, otherwise known as the ‘Rise in the East’. When someone suggested this was a mission easily missed, that’s when a gamer revealed just how missable it is, saying “I didn’t know this quest existed for a full decade.”

They weren’t alone in this, as another commented “Same. Which is insane considering how hard the quest goes.” As we can see, this isn’t an obvious avenue to explore for quite a few players, only proving just how broad and diverse Bethesda’s game truly is.

To be able to still find new stories hidden in plain sight so many years later is arguably what every RPG aims for – Baldur’s Gate 3 is probably one of the few, alongside The Witcher 3, that has matched Skryim in its ability to keep on surprising its players.

And that’s all assuming you play the vanilla base game without mods. Once you add those into the mix, there’s no telling how many quests will be lost for the ages until hundreds of hours worth of playing.

We’re curious if you missed this dock-related quest during your Skyrim travels too. Seeing as it’s a “favourite” amongst the fandom, it would be a shame if you’re still unintentionally avoiding it simply because you can’t be bothered to chat with every NPC. Shame on you.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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