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Red Dead Redemption 2 getting a ton of new missions this month

Red Dead Redemption 2 getting a ton of new missions this month

Red Dead Redemption players are in for a treat

Red Dead Redemption 2 players are going to have a lot to do this month, following brand-new challenges announced for the online mode.

Despite Rockstar Games’ lack of support for it, Red Dead Online is still alive and well, and receives the odd update from time to time with new bits and pieces for its players to do.

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It’s not the same support GTA V Online gets, which is clearly Rockstar’s favourite child based on all the expansions it’s received over the years.

That being said, something is better than nothing, so for those still playing Red Dead Redemption 2 Online you’ll be happy to hear there are several in-game challenge events planned for release throughout the month.

These series events will grant you twice the amount of in-game cash and XP, and will last until 29 July so there’s a lot to take part in.

The upcoming events are as follows:

July 2 – 8: Hardcore Most Wanted

July 9 – 15: Hardcore Plunder and Spoils of War

July 16 – 22: Hardcore Overrun

July 23 – 29: Team Gun Rush

If you’re only just starting your Red Dead Online journey, perhaps following the game’s inclusion on PlayStation Plus, then this should be a good way to catch up with players who’ve been grinding the game since launch.

They’re fairly simple missions, you’ll just have to watch out for any rival players wanting to cause you issues, though there are also plenty of players willing to help you out as well.

If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea there are also some in-game events on the way for GTA V Online too, but in that online mode you’re way more likely to get griefed by another player with better gear than you have.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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