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PlayStation 5 hidden web browser is a real pain to access

PlayStation 5 hidden web browser is a real pain to access

Could this be anymore annoying?!

We’re just gonna come out and say it: having to figure out a workaround to access the internet in this day and age isn’t just annoying, it’s insulting.

Yet, that’s exactly what PlayStation 5 owners have to do if they want to surf the web. And even then, claiming it offers anything remotely like a fully-fledged browser system is a lie. Taking into account how many people use their consoles to browse the net when they’re not playing games, it sucks that PS5 has removed such a mod-con.

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In fact, learning of this news as an Xbox Series player, e.g. someone who can browse whenever their little heart desires, you might be wondering why PS5 doesn’t offer such a basic feature…? Porn is the answer, my friends. Or, at least, that’s what a lot of Redditors suspect is the reason behind it.

User AlphaRevenant said “I remember reading an article before PS5 came out that said it wouldn't have an internet browser so people wouldn't watch porn on their console”. This seems to be confirmed by several other users, one of which joked that Sony "were tired of being ranked so high on PornHub visits”.

However, while certain adult activities are said to be the root cause for Sony’s decision, other users claim it’s simply due to the platform being unable to offer a stable experience. “The real reason is that Sony can’t build a stable browser,” one post explained. “I mean, the PS4 and PS5 are only a PS3 wrapped up in a different shell with very slight improvements to graphics.” As sound as that argument might be, it loses credibility when this particular user starts saying that Sony also chose to get rid of a browser because they got “caught out hiding sh*t wishing their consoles could spy on people”... Interesting take.

No matter which side of this debate you fall on – porn or conspiracy – there’s an extremely-oh-so-tedious-it-borders-on-silly way to “browse” the net. All you need to do is be willing to mess about with the Twitter linking options; though be warned, it’s not worth the effort for what you get out of it. The only other way we can think of, is to have your PS4 plugged in so you can go from your PS5 to PS4 for the web – it’s ridiculous that this is one of the few viable options!

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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