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PlayStation finally reviving one of its most underrated series

PlayStation finally reviving one of its most underrated series

Our favourite little fella might be making a return

An unexpected PlayStation hit is expected to be making a comeback soon which is good news for fans of Sony’s little robot.

First seen in 2018’s PSVR title Astro Bot Rescue Mission followed by an appearance in 2020’s PlayStation 5 Astro’s Playroom, Sony’s little robot is set to make a return according to a reliable leaker.

Check out some Easter eggs found in Astro's Playroom below!

The leaker, Billbil-kun took to Dealabs to report that the new Astro Bot title is set to be announced in the next two weeks. This comes after news of a new title in the series surfaced earlier this year courtesy of journalist and fellow leaker Jeff Grub.

Now thanks to Billbil-kun, the announcement date has been narrowed down with help from XboxEra journalist Nick Baker. According to Baker, the new Astro Bot title is likely to be mentioned at a PlayStation showcase airing on 28 May.

Although there are not many details yet surrounding the new Astro title, it looks to be set in a desert environment with a fox-like robot taking on the leading role. Adorable, right?

With Astro’s Playroom arriving as a built-in game for the PlayStation 5, it gave millions of players the chance to experience it in between anticipated AAA titles.

We reviewed it here at GAMINGbible and said it was “an excellent introduction to the DualSense Controller”.

“Astro's Playroom is just that; a playroom for the next generation - a small glimpse into what the PlayStation 5 will be able to do with the DualSense,” our review read.

“There's no reason not to play it and for long-time fans of the console there's a lot of really fun callbacks to dig deep and discover. Highly enjoyable gaming and not an extra penny spent? Please and thank you.”

Here’s hoping the next instalment will be equally as fun and maybe equally as free.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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