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PlayStation Plus users are cancelling their subscriptions in response to latest updates

PlayStation Plus users are cancelling their subscriptions in response to latest updates

After the latest price hike, PlayStation Plus subscribers are cancelling their subscriptions in protest.

PlayStation has made some bold moves as of late when it comes to PlayStation Plus. After a couple of months of lacklustre catalogue additions, Sony announced a price hike for the service and let’s just say, fans are not at all impressed.

PlayStation Plus’ overhaul last year is undeniably the best update Sony has ever made to the service and while we’ve had some great additions this year, that’s not been the case in the last few months. September’s essential tier line-up has been revealed to be Saints Row (2022), Black Desert - Traveler Edition and Generation Zero. These games become available on 5 September, which means you have a few more days to grab PGA 2K23, Dreams, and Death’s Door. There are a couple of gems there, namely Dreams and Death’s Door, but the past couple of months have been lacking in major certified bangers.

Take a look at Saints Row (2022) in action below.

You’d expect a couple more big headline additions seeing as the quietly announced price rise has seen yearly costs go up by around a third. Essential tier 12-month subscriptions now cost $79.99/€71,99/£59.99. Extra tier costs are rising to $134.99/€125,99/£99.99, while premium tier will now set you back $159.99 USD/€151,99/£119.99.

Many subscribers have simply had enough and are cancelling their subscriptions. A Reddit post detailing how to cancel has received over 1,600 upvotes in less than a day. If you’re interested, you need to visit the console’s settings, followed by account management, account information, and then select playstation subscriptions. From here you can pick your PS Plus subscription and cancel.

User BurgerMan9001 wrote, “Already cancelled, honestly getting games on sale is a better long term proposition for me. I don't play multiplayer, I have a backlog, sorry Sony but you screwed up,” while AG_N added, “Hope community actively sticks together against this, probably not gonna last for long but still.” Sony is in a tricky spot. Now would be a great time to add God of War Ragnarök to renew some interest.

Featured Image Credit: Martin Katler via Unsplash, Sony

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