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PlayStation Plus subscribers rave over free RPG you might've missed

PlayStation Plus subscribers rave over free RPG you might've missed

PlayStation Plus subscribers admit that RPG Death's Door took them by surprise, encouraging subscribers to give all games a go.

While I do love it when games that I’ve been wanting to play land on PlayStation Plus, I also adore discovering missed gems that I perhaps didn’t catch on my radar upon release.

Later today, we’ll be finding out the latest batch of extra and premium tier offerings which, if you ask me, is the most exciting day in the PlayStation Plus calendar. November’s essential tier offerings are already available to grab. Subscribers can enjoy Mafia II, Alien Fireteam Elite, and Dragon Ball: The Breakers. It’s not the most exciting line-up, but we’ve certainly had worse. August brought us a particularly fruitful line-up. I’m slightly ashamed to say that I wasn’t at all familiar with Death’s Door but it just so happens to be one of my favourite PlayStation Plus plays of the year. A quick scroll through Reddit revealed that I wasn’t alone in thinking this. Death’s Door has drawn a ton of praise.

Take a look at Death’s Door in action below.

Reddit user LuckyPenny started the conversation, writing, “Any little known games that you love that no one ever speaks about?” OldNerve1 replied, “Death's Door was a good game, lately given with the monthly games. People appreciated it but I'm gonna mention it again here in case you haven't played it,” while ThePalmIsle added, “Death’s Door is what I had hoped Tunic was going to be. Charming, interesting, at times challenging but not over the top, kind of chilled out. Great game.”

Death’s Door wasn’t the only answer though. “It's well praised, but Gravity Rush was severely overlooked. I guess it's because it was released on the Vita which was a failed system, but man is that game great,” said Lobo2209. “Not totally buried but The Forgotten City is a bit of a hidden gem. Actually think it was a Skyrim mod that got so popular they turned it into a full game,” commented DG83GamingEnthusiast.

Unfortunately, you will need to have grabbed Death’s Door back in August in order to enjoy it. Regardless though, there are so many other gems hidden on PlayStation Plus. If you’re ever in doubt about a title, just give it a go.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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