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PlayStation Plus first free game for September hasn't convinced fans

PlayStation Plus first free game for September hasn't convinced fans

It's not the best we've ever had

PlayStation has already confirmed one of the free games for PlayStation Plus in September, and players aren’t impressed.

It’s probably a bit too early to speculate what the PlayStation Plus offering will look like in the coming months, we now know that one of the free games that is on the horizon is Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions.

Check out the trailer for the new Harry Potter game below

Completely separate from Hogwarts Legacy, which doesn’t have a quidditch mode for some reason, the game lets players live out their dream of being a world-famous quidditch star.

The first trailer was shown off during Summer Game Fest, and unfortunately failed to impress the majority of would-be fans.

While the cinematics were lovely, there was a surprising lack of gameplay suggesting the game isn’t all there, and corroborating game tester reports that implied the upcoming title was a little rough around the edges.

To add further insult to injury, the game is now slated to join PlayStation Plus in September, and even though it’ll be free for players many still aren’t impressed with the addition.

Reacting to the news on a Reddit thread, one fan said its inclusion on PlayStation Plus is “the only way I would play it, and another added that they’d only “try it since it's free.”

Another fan stated that they’ll “definitely try it” but are already sceptical of its inclusion, as it’ll likely be ”riddled with microtransactions and likely free to play after a short period.”

While it’s nice to see another Harry Potter game include one of the franchise’s most iconic creations, it does make you wonder if Hogwarts Legacy missed out on a quidditch mode purely to justify the existence of this spin-off game.

Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions will release on 3 September for Xbox, PlayStation and PC platforms, day one for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros Games

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