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Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions drops release date, launching free on PlayStation Plus

Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions drops release date, launching free on PlayStation Plus

Another Harry Potter title is on the horizon

Harry Potter fans rejoice! A new game inspired by the magical world is on the way and will see you mount those brooms and become a Quidditch champion.

Announced today at Summer Game Fest, Harry Potter Quidditch Champions will see you just do that by playing Quidditch and becoming the ultimate champion.

Take a look at Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions in action below.

It is set to release on 3 September for PlayStation 4&5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Not only that but it will be launching free on day one for PlayStation Plus subscribers so don’t miss out if you’re eager for more Harry Potter inspired video games.

The upcoming sports game developed by Unbroken Studios and published by Warner Bros. will be the first Harry Potter inspired video game since Hogwarts Legacy was released in 2023 but will focus specifically on the magical game of Quidditch rather than the whole magical world.

According to its developers, it is a “complete standalone Quidditch experience” and engages players in the sport where they can play solo or team up with friends in online co-op mode and online PvP modes.

Most importantly, there will be no microtransactions but due to its online mode, Harry Potter Quidditch Champions will require an internet connection to play.

Last but not least, the Legacy Pack will include some amazing goodies such as: Moontrimmer Broom Skin, Sebastian Sallow Hero Skin, Sebastian Sallow Style Wand, Ancient Magic Emblem and Ancient Magic Celebration.

Featured Image Credit: Unbroken Studios

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