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PlayStation Plus free game stuns fans as the 'best-looking, most realistic' on platform

PlayStation Plus free game stuns fans as the 'best-looking, most realistic' on platform

It's time to cast your votes on which game is the best-looking on PS Plus!

Video games don’t need to look realistic to be deemed as stunning experiences. Still, being good-looking inevitably helps, especially when aiming to immerse players in a fantastical world filled with whimsy and/or unimaginable horrors. One such game currently ticking these boxes and wowing fans is PlayStation Plus free game, The Callisto Protocol.

PS Plus has suffered a massive blow this month after interest in October’s free games has proven less than enticing to subscribers. Despite interest being at an all-time low, that isn’t to say there aren't some gems to be found. Callisto Protocol isn’t new to those who watched the hype surrounding its release back in December 2022, or the subsequent backlash over the severe lag that caused the game to stutter onto screens. Although the game has its faults, its “incredibly detailed and immersive” environments are leading fans to ask if it’s the “best-looking, most realistic” game on the PS5.

Judge for yourselves by watching the Callisto Protocol launch trailer!

This isn’t to say players are praising the game in its entirety – as far as many are concerned, when compared with the likes of Dead Space (original and remake), Callisto Protocol offers “no substance”. One gamer said, “Too bad that beneath those pretty graphics there's no substance at all. But yeah, the game is really good-looking.” Adding strength to that argument, another player stated that while the gameplay was buggy, the mocap/animations in Callisto Protocol are “insanely realistic”.

Other contenders were thrown into the ring, including Red Dead Redemption 2, a game hailed as an open-world masterpiece, as well as Horizon Forbidden West, described by one fan as the “most stunningly beautiful game I've played on PS5 to date”. There are also many other titles that wow with their graphics, however, not all of them are available on PS Plus. And as we can see from the debates over on Reddit, anyone ignoring that key element is quickly scolded and then reminded about it.

What do you think is the “best-looking, most realistic” game? The Callisto Protocol is definitely up there, but whether it’s the best one of the bunch is still up for debate as far as we’re concerned.

Featured Image Credit: Sony, KRAFTON

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