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PlayStation Plus first free November game is a massive hit already

PlayStation Plus first free November game is a massive hit already

Break the walls down!

It's a nice treat when a game drops onto a subscription service on day one. This is happening with Teardown, the game of destruction, smashing and blowing things up. It will release for PlayStation Plus 15 November 2023, the same day it releases for purchase across consoles.

The game has already seen a great deal of success with its PC release in October 2020. The game was available via Steam and has an "overwhelmingly positive" rating with over 71,000 reviews. Teardown was announced for consoles earlier this year. Marcus Dawson, CEO of Tuxedo Labs, took to PlayStation Blog to discuss the day one PlayStation Plus launch.

Teardown will be available with PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium memberships. With the console release an announcement was made that "over the next year" the game would see plenty of improvements and additional content. Dawson stated, "We are also taking this opportunity to announce a series of new missions, maps, vehicles, and other content coming to Teardown over the next year, along with the game's first-ever season pass."

Teardown sees players given missions to destroy voxel-based constructions and buildings, using a variety of vehicles and tools. The story campaign delivers 40 levels that "challenge your creativity and logic." Players receive a challenge, for example destroying a certain object or stealing something valuable, and must use the sand box environment to their advantage - "sometimes against the clock."

Who doesn't like destruction? It's the perfect way to let off some steam, or just puzzle out the physics and watch the world burn. Critics and fans alike have said that Teardown is bags of fun, and its inclusion of a Sandbox Mode allows creative people to build their own structures, before smashing them to bits.

Dawson goes on to say that alongside the launch of the main game, the Time Campers DLC will also be available, taking players to the Wild West.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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