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PlayStation Plus free games for December expectations are rock bottom

PlayStation Plus free games for December expectations are rock bottom

Expectations couldn't get any lower than this

Normally, the closer we get to a new month, the more excited PS Plus users are – now is the time to learn about all the new titles joining the service. But that excitement has fizzled away to nothing, with expectations set at an all-time low.

Scratch that, expectations are at rock bottom.

Let's cleanse the palate with some Assassin's Creed Nexus VR gameplay

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise to us here at GAMINGbible, as we’ve watched PS Plus subscribers cancel their subscriptions in a form of protest. Few gamers are happy, with the list of games leaving this December only inciting more anger. It’s looking pretty bleak for this side of Sony operations, though we doubt it’s of any concern thanks to the PS5 outselling the Xbox Series seven to one.

Let’s move on to those underwhelming predictions, shall we? A lot of users are anticipating some form of “dead online game”, alongside “some remaster from 2010” and a “half-a decade-old indie game no one heard about”. Don’t mince your words, Reddit.

Another fan commented, “My expectations were low but hoooooly f…,” a sentiment that others mirror by saying that they only come to the Reddit predictions thread now to find “quality meme material”. We are in a golden age of memes, but at the cost of losing great games on a once-praised subscription service. Oh how the tables have turned.

Despite all the grumbles and groans coming from PlayStation fans, some good games still exist within the service; one such game has been praised for being “stunning”, offering open-world exploration and its “really rewarding” combat. It’s not an awe-inspiring declaration by gamers, but it proves that a diamond amidst all the rough offerings can still be found.

If you want to get involved with December PS Plus predictions, head to Reddit – oh, and take some popcorn because the moment Sony announces December’s free games, that subreddit is going to go off.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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