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PlayStation Plus day one free game is splitting fans with its love or hate gameplay

PlayStation Plus day one free game is splitting fans with its love or hate gameplay

PlayStation Plus day one release Teardown is splitting fans with its love or hate gameplay.

PlayStation Plus is a great way to save money on all your anticipated gaming titles. However, with a recent price hike and the arrival of a disappointing selection of games, it’s not surprising that members are choosing to take their custom elsewhere.

November saw the arrival of 14 new titles to the PS Plus extra and premium tiers including one day one release, Teardown.

Check out the Teardown launch trailer below!

“Prepare the perfect heist in this simulated and fully destructible voxel world”, reads the official Steam synopsis. “Tear down walls with vehicles or explosives to create shortcuts. Stack objects to reach higher. Use the environment to your advantage in the most creative way you can think of.”

As you can tell, the Tuxedo Labs title is marketed as being filled with destruction and chaos which is one feature that sent fans flocking to download it. However, not everyone is happy with the content resulting in love-or-hate gameplay.

“From the trailer, I expected to be blowing things up and having fun,” posted one Reddit user. “Instead, I'm given a mission to collect objectives in under 60 seconds. I’m finding it not only tedious but increasingly impossible the more I attempt it.”

However, one contributor was quick to remind players that as well as being a game about destruction, it is also a heist game and you can “increase the timer in settings” for the game’s timed missions.

Despite this, it seems not everyone is a fan of the tedious gameplay with one saying: “I was so excited for this game, but man I've already started getting bored after a little bit in the campaign. I'm only a few missions in but they all seem similar and have a tough time limit (I know I can extend it) that just makes it a slow and tedious process. The sandbox is fun for a while, but maybe this game just isn't for me.”

With Teardown being perhaps the most anticipated PS Plus release this month, it is a shame that the gameplay is not for everyone. Let us hope December’s offerings will be a bit more universally loved.

Featured Image Credit: Tuxedo Labs, Sony

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