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PlayStation Plus users have one last chance to play 'perfect' critically acclaimed platformer

PlayStation Plus users have one last chance to play 'perfect' critically acclaimed platformer

This PlayStation Plus darling is music to our ears

One of the added benefits of subscribing to Sony’s PlayStation Plus service is that we get to play video games that might not otherwise be on our radar.

Depending on the tier that you subscribe to with PlayStation Plus will depend on how many video games and perks you’ll have available. For example, the standard PS Plus Essential is the same service before the 2022 revision with a small selection of games that you can keep in your library with an active subscription.

Check out The Artful Escape trailer below.

With PS Plus Essential, you also get exclusive DLC and discounts via the PlayStation Store. However, with Extra and Premium, you get a lot more games to choose from such as these 16 PS Plus titles that recently dropped, and a variety of many other perks.

PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium offer everything from AAA big-hitters and indie darlings, which brings us to today’s topic of discussion. Developed by Beethoven and Dinosaur, The Artful Escape is a game which is considered to be amongst the best in recent years.

“On the eve of his first performance, Francis Vendetti struggles with the legacy of a dead folk legend and the cosmic wanderings of his own imagination,” reads the synopsis of the game. “In an attempt to escape the musical legacy of his uncle, a teenage guitar prodigy embarks on a psychedelic journey to inspire his new stage persona, searching for who he isn’t in an adventure spanning stolen opera houses, melodic alien landscapes, and the impossible depths of the Cosmic Extraordinary.”

The Artful Escape is included in PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium but not for long. It was recently revealed that along with a host of other games, The Artful Escape will be leaving PlayStation Plus this coming May and users on Reddit want to make sure that you don't miss out.

“A perfect in-between game. Play this before it’s removed from Extra,” warned KozukiYamatoTakeru to fellow Reddit users with many others also sharing the love for this indie darling.

“Leaping into the air and doing a knee slide while wailing on the guitar the first time gave me chills. Also, the folk song from the menu is top-notch faux Bob Dylan,” replied Representative-Yam65.

“There's nothing much gameplay-wise, but the story and music were incredible. But the one thing that stood out for me was the visuals, it was so damn beautiful. I haven't seen anything like it in a long time,” exclaimed gabrielleraul.

“Just finished this and I enjoyed it a lot. The worlds are so beautiful. It's a very easy Platinum too for those who enjoy collecting trophies,” said springkun.

The Artful Escape is out now on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment, Annapurna Interactive

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