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PlayStation Plus subscribers beg you check out 'brilliant' free RPG ASAP

PlayStation Plus subscribers beg you check out 'brilliant' free RPG ASAP

Don't forget

It's not the best time to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber, what with one thing and other. The one thing being a massive price hike, and the other being a naff selection of free games for September.

Last week Microsoft released its Xbox Game Pass money printing machine Starfield, arguably the best reason yet to subscribe to the service. In response, Sony coughed up one of the worst months of free games for PlayStation Plus in years like an old hairball. Oh, and then went and raised the price of the service across all three tiers for good measure.

You can find our Starfield review below!

Spirits are low in PlayStation Plus land, then, it's fair to say. But if you know where to look there are still some genuinely great games worth checking out - and one free RPG is available now that you absolutely shouldn't be sleeping on.

Over on the PlayStation Plus subreddit subscribers are being urged to check out The Forgotten City, a gorgeously complex time-loop adventure-mystery.

"I decided to give The Forgotten City a shot for a couple hours, and see whether I should just uninstall it," the Reddit user enthused. "It took a couple of hours to hook me, but once it got me it gave me that rare 'oh shit, games ARE awesome, it turns out', or the 'why was I even playing this other thing?' kind of feeling."

The Forgotten City actually started life as a Skyrim mod, but quickly took on a life of its own. You find yourself transported back in time, where you're tasked with uncovering the truth behind a cursed Roman city. There are multiple endings, choices, and solutions to the game's various problems and mysteries. It really is one of those experiences that could only ever be a video game, much like Outer Wilds or Return Of The Obra Dinn. In other words, it's excellent.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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