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PlayStation Plus drops bonus June freebie you can grab now

PlayStation Plus drops bonus June freebie you can grab now

Go, go go!

June has barely got started and already PlayStation Plus players are enjoying surprise freebies.

For those of you who subscribe to PlayStation Plus, you’ll now have access to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Warzone’s new Combat Pack.

We know, we know – Modern Warfare III has hardly been everything the fandom had hoped for. Yet, despite such a rocky start, the instalment is still going strong.

Where do the lies end and the truth begins in Black Ops 6?

Besides, let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth.

The Combat Pack includes a selection of items, including a brand new Operator skin, as well as the Composition Carbine AR and Brushstroke Ballistics Sniper blueprints. There’s also a “large decal and much more”, according to PlayStation.

As previously mentioned, only PS Plus fans will be able to get their hands on this pack.

“New pack bro PS5," said YouTubetail upon seeing the Combat Pack reveal trailer.

Yet, while there’s a fine array of items on offer, fans aren’t nearly as hyped about the Combat Pack as they are about the new Black Ops 6.

Not only are the zombies of the new instalment said to be “bigger” than ever, but Xbox has just given fans the update they’ve been praying for.

Arguably, Black Ops 6 is now the focus of the fandom’s attention. As such, this new Combat Pack is nothing but a brief distraction.

With a new main antagonist seemingly starring in Activision’s new title, the excitement surrounding this next chapter of the CoD franchise is tangible.

Still, if you want to bag yourself a freebie to while away the hours between now and when Black Ops 6 launches, this PS Plus Combat Pack is a decent way to do just that.

The Combat Pack is available to subscribers right now; so, get moving soldier and claim your bonus freebie.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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