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PlayStation Plus' 'best' free game of all time is actually 3 games in one

PlayStation Plus' 'best' free game of all time is actually 3 games in one

PlayStation Plus' best free game of all time is actually 3 games in one, fans argue.

Being a PlayStation Plus subscriber is very much like riding a rollercoaster. In some months, you’re brimming with joy. In others, you’re left wondering why you’re on it - or in this case subscribed - in the first place.

It’s been a rocky few months for the streaming service. The latest batch of essential tier freebies hasn’t exactly gone over well with PlayStation Plus subscribers. You can now download Mafia II: Definitive Edition, Dragon Ball: The Breakers and Aliens Fireteam Elite. I’d say that Mafia II is the winner here if you’re yet to give it a whirl. It’s hardly a line-up for the history books though. We should find out November’s extra and premium tier line-up next week but for now, subscribers are sifting through their catalogues to determine the best free game they’ve ever received from PlayStation Plus - and for many, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition easily comes out on top.

Take a look at the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition in action below.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition includes Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3 which instantly makes it a great freebie - three games in one. Reddit user Phoen1cian posed the question, ‘What’s the best monthly game you got so far?” Their personal pick was Remnant: From the Ashes.

User broken_nite topped the comments saying, “Mass Effect Trilogy. It forced me to play the series for the first time,” while cyn0rk1s said, “It’s probably close between Mass Effect and Dead By Daylight. One is an online game I still actively play since it was on PS+ and the other is probably now a top three game series for me.” A couple of other users shared similar sentiments, shouting out the BioWare classic.

In case you missed it, yesterday was N7 Day and to mark the occasion, BioWare released the first teaser trailer for the next Mass Effect instalment. It was only 30 seconds long but hey, it’s something. In it, we see a mysterious figure walking while it sounds as if someone is distressed in the Andromeda galaxy. BioWare, please give us more.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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