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PlayStation gamers have last chance to claim rare free download before it's gone forever

PlayStation gamers have last chance to claim rare free download before it's gone forever

This rare freebie will be gone soon...

Lovers of the old ways are suffering at the moment. So much of classic gaming history is being “lost” as services shut down, and rare downloads are taken away.

We’ve all seen the sad news of Nintendo Online services being culled. Not only is it devastating in general, but Pokémon gamers have had for years have been lost too.

Star Wars Outlaws looks like an adventure we wanna sign up for

Now PlayStation users are also suffering, as PS3 collectibles are soon to disappear. “The first of the PS3 collectibles came out in September 2022 if I’m not mistaken, and ‘PlayStation and You’ collectibles expire after 2 years if not claimed.”

“Depending what console variant you had, some also came out later and in 2023, but they are going to start expiring and it seems there won’t be a fix for the issue,” a Redditor explains.

Although these collectibles are “useless”, a lot of players enjoy collecting them; to see them taken away is difficult for those interested in collecting ‘em all to process.

Time isn't on your side here, so you need to act swiftly to avoid the inevitable bite of disappointment.

Speaking of collectibles, PS users are also being urged to claim a download they’re owed by Sony. Although it doesn’t appear to be time sensitive, if you’re owed it, you deserve to get it. Simple.

The legacy of PlayStation is a complicated one. Once these remnants of a bygone games era are gone, they’re gone for good. If you intend to hold on to every collectible from the old PS3, the clock is ticking.

If you’re interested in claiming what’s rightfully yours, just make sure to heed the advice of this user: “If you had your account signed into any PS3 besides the default black one, you should have gotten one of these [collectibles] for that console variant.”

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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