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PlayStation drops new free game you don't need PS Plus to download

PlayStation drops new free game you don't need PS Plus to download

Kick off the weekend with a banger

The weekend is about to start and if you are tired of losing your sanity over the newest Elden Ring bosses, you can check out this free game courtesy of PlayStation.

Radikal Fighters is a brand-new multiplayer top-down shooter that was released just yesterday for the PlayStation 5 and Steam.

Another title free on PlayStation right now is Life is Strange. Check it out below!

The exciting new action game with cartoonish visuals offers players the chance to go head to head with others in two modes: Battle Royale and Paint Rush.

The Battle Royale mode is a free-for-all assault where the last person standing is crowned the winner. Players will get to explore the vibrant streets of Radikal City as they dodge hazards, use unique perks, weapons and gear and try to outsmart their enemies.

If you want to play with friends, you will be able to try out the Paint Rush mode which sees three teams compete to dominate the arena by colouring as many dots as possible in their team’s colour. “Collaborate with your teammates, strategize to cover the most ground, and thwart your opponents' efforts in this fast-paced, color-splattered frenzy,” reads the official description.

Radikal Fighters is available for free for PlayStation 5 users without the need for a PS Plus subscription. Although the title is free, there are microtransactions in the game but they are not necessary to access any gameplay.

Additionally, you can also find Radikal Fighters on Steam for the PC users out there who want to cause some chaos with friends.

Not only that but PlayStation will also be home to a major RPG dropping in just a few days and better yet, it is also completely free. The “next-generation third-person co-op action RPG looter shooter” is not one to miss out on on 2 July.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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