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PlayStation drops 250 hour open-world game you can play free now

PlayStation drops 250 hour open-world game you can play free now

Hunter? I barely know her!

Look. I know bigger doesn't always mean better and longer games are not a signifier of quality, but sometimes you find yourself craving a game you can sink hundreds of hours into.

Every now and then I know I'll find myself drifting back towards The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, or the mindless comfort of an Assassin's Creed.

But if you're after something a little different that'll still keep you firmly indoors for the next few weeks, look no further. PlayStation gamers can currently get themselves one of the biggest open-world RPGs of the last few years for free.

PlayStation recently announced all the latest games coming to the PlayStation Plus, and among them is the excellent Monster Hunter Rise.

If you've not had the pleasure, Monster Hunter Rise is Capcom at its absolute best. It's a truly massive RPG set in a sprawling world with tons of incredible monsters to meet and hunt.

The whole thing is wrapped up in one of the most engaging and richly complex combat systems I've ever seen in a game, with a huge variety of different weapons and builds to encourage all kinds of different play-styles.

According to How Long To Beat you can spend upwards of 250 hours on Monster Hunter Rise. And while that's for those of you keen on seeing and doing absolutely everything, even those looking for a shorter stay will probably end up sinking at least a few dozen hours.

Monster Hunter Rise would probably be my pick of the bunch for the latest PlayStation Plus games, but other highlights include Far Cry 4, Crusader Kings III, and LEGO The Hobbit, which is the best Elder Scrolls game Bethesda never made.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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