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PlayStation drops free downloads you have until 18 July to claim

PlayStation drops free downloads you have until 18 July to claim

Get moving, gamers

Time is of the essence with this surprise PlayStation drop.

Another day, another PlayStation freebie. We’d like to say we’re over it by now, but the allure of free downloads has us coming back for more every time.

Unlike free games that’ll keep you up until 5am, this offering is a lot less intense in nature.

On 1 July, Capcom’s Next summer update aired, and with it came a plethora of information regarding upcoming games. Apart from Monster Hunter Wilds, Capcom was very specific about that.

Watch the Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess trailer below

Among the announcements was that of Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess’ demo, now available for all to play.

If you play the demo, you’ll unlock Okami themed items.

As mentioned in the headline, this availability is on a tight schedule, meaning you should act with haste if you want these Okami items in your inventory.

To unlock said items, players need to complete two challenges before 18 July; if you miss this window, it’s too bad, as the whole demo will be removed.

Your first mission, should you choose to accept it, is to “exorcise the defilement or the Seethe to drop one billion crystals in the demo”. Doing so will get you the Okami armour and weapon.

For your second challenge, you need to find 15 Lucky Mallets and post your findings on social media as proof. Another Okami costume will be yours, as will the Okami soundtrack.

The latter task is the trickier of the two now that Twitter integration has been removed, and so Capcom will settle for a shot of your monitor/TV instead (showing your Lucky Mallets, of course).

We’re already three days into July, and while you’ve got longer than 24 hours, the clock is already ticking. Be quick, be smart, and make sure to photograph the proof of your endeavours.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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