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PlayStation drops free download for The Witcher fans, no PS Plus needed

PlayStation drops free download for The Witcher fans, no PS Plus needed

Another win for PlayStation gamers without PS Plus

If you’ve ever wanted to get The Witcher aesthetic and atmosphere, but with a heavy lashing of religious lore, this free download is going to be the answer to your prayers.

There is much within The Witcher games that simply can’t be matched by other titles, try as they might; one such quest being the Bloody Baron. Nonetheless, while Geralt’s antics have set a high bar to hit for other lead protagonists, that isn’t to say others don’t come close.

Check out The Inquisitor launch trailer right now

One protagonist fans of The White Wolf will want to check out is Mordimer Madderdin, the tortured soul who’s at the centre of the narrative for The Inquisitor. In this “morally tainted, non-linear tale”, you’ll need to search deep to uncover the truth of the sinful town you’re visiting.

Although you might not meet fantastical monsters, you’ll likely come face to face with monstrosities against God (how dare they), and so there is much you need to overcome with your sword. We can’t promise you’ll look as flawless as Geralt whilst you do it, but we can’t have everything.

What makes The Inquisitor so tempting, besides the obvious similarities, is that it’s currently available for free without the need for PlayStation Plus. That’s a huge win for PlayStation players. Obviously, the entire game isn’t free – Sony isn’t that generous – but the demo is, which will allow you to see if your faith is as strong as you initially thought.

So far, the reviews are mixed but favourable; this isn’t a five star game, at least not yet. However, it shows promise from what we can see and what fans are already reporting. But why let anyone else decide for you – play the demo for yourself and find out.

The Inquisitor is available for free as a demo, or you can purchase the full game for your PlayStation, Xbox or PC.

Featured Image Credit: Sony, Kalypso Media

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