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PlayStation quietly rolls out free download you might struggle to claim

PlayStation quietly rolls out free download you might struggle to claim

A way of apology for PlayStation Stars still not working

The PlayStation Stars app is in utter shambles right now, but while PlayStation works on a solution they’re giving away freebies to make up for it.

While it’s unclear what exactly has happened to PlayStation Stars, it simply isn’t working for the majority of users, with error messages and infinite loading screens when trying to access it.

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This means there’s a wide variety of freebies, like challenge rewards and digital collectables that many cannot access until things get sorted out.

Challenges unfortunately need to be enrolled into, so unless you’ve accepted them nothing you do on the console will contribute to beating the challenge and reaping the rewards.

Now while PlayStation is yet to provide a fix, it has reportedly created offline challenges to keep players earning points while things are busted, which you can claim right now.

Apparently on 20 June, a new campaign launched called "Ghostbusters Frozen Empire Comes Home.”

This crossover campaign was to celebrate the release of the Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire film and adds an adorable little freebie to your collection, a miniature Stay Puft marshmallow man.

If you like the idea of adding this little guy to your collection and are annoyed you can’t access it yet because of the outages, fear not, as you probably already have it.

It’s believed users were auto-enrolled into the challenge, and provided you’ve done whatever it is the challenge was asking you to do, this freebie is probably sitting in your collection right now, you just can’t see it yet.

There’s no word on when PlayStation Stars will be fixed, or even what the problem might be, though rest assured there’s probably a bunch of tech-wizards at Sony working hard on getting the challenges and rewards passed on to your account.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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