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PlayStation gamer explains how you claim your free store credit through system outage

PlayStation gamer explains how you claim your free store credit through system outage

Don't worry, your points are safe

It has been a few weeks since PlayStation’s loyalty programme PlayStation Stars went offline without any warning and with no sign of it returning anytime soon, members are wondering how they can access their free store credit.

In 2022, Sony launched its loyalty programme PlayStation Stars which would allow its members to claim points by playing select games, participating in challenges and purchasing titles through the PS Store. The points can be exchanged for free store credit so it’s an excellent way to save up and get an anticipated title for next to nothing.

The Resident Evil 2 remake is now available on the PlayStation Plus catalogue!

However, in recent weeks, the PlayStation Stars programme has seemingly gone offline after an update went live on 14 June. Since then only certain features of the scheme are accessible and it has left members unsure about their accumulated points and free store credit.

Luckily, there is a way to claim free store credit even during the system outage and the tip comes courtesy of one user over on r/playstationstars.

The user instructs those affected to head to the PlayStation app, head to profile > privacy and scroll down until you find “Access your personal information”. Click “data access request” and you will receive an email with a URL. Once you have opened this URL, you will be able to see your PS Stars point history.

It is of course a worrying time for members who have spent years accumulating their points but be assured that any free store credit will still be there when/if the loyalty scheme comes back online.

Additionally, any purchases made until then will still see you rewarded with points. However, you cannot redeem these points at the moment.

For PlayStation Plus members, they can now get their hands on the best Resident Evil title at no extra cost.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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