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PlayStation's latest exclusive is being absolute roasted

PlayStation's latest exclusive is being absolute roasted

Concord sold a vision it then immediately didn't fulfil ...

If you spent any time on social media following last week’s State of Play, you’ll likely have to come to two conclusions.

The first is that people are very excited about Astro Bot, the upcoming platforming follow-up to 2020’s Astro’s Playroom.

The second is that people were less than impressed with Concord.

It started well. Firewalk Studios’ upcoming first-person hero shooter kicked off the showcase by debuting a lengthy cinematic trailer.

Boasting impressive visuals, the trailer introduced us to the game’s kooky world and characters.

It all felt very Guardians of the Galaxy.

It also very much felt like the kind of cinematic introduction that precedes a single-player action-adventure game.

It was then totally jarring when Concord’s glossy cinematic ended only to switch over to somewhat average-looking hero shooter gameplay.

Take a look at the aforementioned Astro Bot in action for yourself below.

As reported by Insider Gaming, since the reveal, Concord’s trailer has been the target of a slew of negative responses.

In fact, the cinematic trailer reportedly has a 76.99% negative rating whilst the gameplay trailer sits even lower at a 82.39% negative rating.

I’m sure many of the following criticisms echo your own thoughts during the showcase.

“The cutscene sold me on an adventure. The very next words out [of] the developer’s mouth is 5v5 FPS,” complained a viewer.

“Dude, when they dropped the words 5v5,” said another.

“Wow. This will be Sony’s Redfall,” added one viewer, while one comment read, “Create an interesting setting, make a boring PvP shooter with it.”

Of course, until we actually sample Concord’s gameplay, it’s impossible to say whether it is indeed “boring” or not.

What is abundantly clear though is that an action-adventure-esque trailer is perhaps not the best way to announce a hero shooter.

Concord’s got a lot of grovelling to do if it wants to prove itself to wary players.

Featured Image Credit: Martin Katler via Unsplash, Sony

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