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PlayStation users horrified to learn what happens to their digital games when they die

PlayStation users horrified to learn what happens to their digital games when they die

What happens to all those games when you die?

What happens when we die? It’s a philosophical question for the ages, isn’t it? We just don’t know what happens when we cease to be. Where does our soul (if you believe in them) drift off to?

More importantly, what happens to all our digital PlayStation games when we finally kick the bucket?

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This has been a point of conversation of late as it seems your Steam library cannot be passed on to friends or family when you finally pass on.

This discussion has raised questions about Sony’s policies on the matter as we begin to ask what happens to all those digital games we’ve bought on PSN?

Well, it seems we have an answer, but you’re probably not going to like it. Because, much like Steam, it appears your games will be left unplayed, languishing in a digital purgatory.

According to some small print in Sony’s policy agreements, “Users may not sell, rent, lease, loan, sublicense, modify, adapt, arrange, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble any portion of the Content. You may not reproduce or transfer any portion of the Content.”

Well, that’s that. If you wanted to pass on your collection to your kids or best friend, you legally can’t.

There you have it. That’s what happens after we die. All our digital purchases will sit unused. No returns, no refunds, no playing. Just a lonely existence for all those memories from our digital backlogs. It’s kind of sad, isn’t it?

Is this the policy for all digital items across multimedia? Will all of our purchased films and TV shows go the same way? It makes you think.

Good job we’re entering into a new age of physical media that can be freely passed on to others, right guys? Guys?

Featured Image Credit: Sony, Linden Lab

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