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PlayStation confirms release date of its next console

PlayStation confirms release date of its next console

Now you're playing with Portal

PlayStation has officially announced when we can get our hands on its next console, and it's much sooner than we'd imagined.

Sony launched the PlayStation 5 back in 2020, and it hasn't exactly been smooth sailing in that time. We've had to deal with supply issues, and a relative dearth of true console exclusives, given that God Of War Ragnarök and Horizon Forbidden West were both available on PlayStation 4 too.

Still, we've had some good times. Returnal, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and Demon's Souls are all well worth checking out, and we've still got Marvel's Spider-Man 2 to come. But what are we to do about this new console that looms?

Take a look at it in action below!

The PlayStation Portal might not be the PlayStation 6 (although that's coming sooner than we imagined), but it is a brand-new console from Sony.

The Portal is a curious device. It's basically a handheld that allows you stream your PlayStation 5 games, provided you have access to the internet. Not really ideal as a handheld, then, but maybe a fun time for those who want to sit and game on the sofa while their partner watches Grey's Anatomy for the fifth time yes hello wife this is about you I love you.

Others, however, would question what the Portal can do that a phone with a cheap controller attachment and PS Remote Play can't. That's a question I fear the Portal has yet to answer.

Hopefully we'll find out soon, however, as Sony has officially confirmed the PlayStation Portal will be dropping 15 November. You can even pre-order now, if you're somehow convinced doing so is a good idea. I certainly admire your optimism, friend.

In other PlayStation-related news, Sony recently raised the price of PlayStation Plus and people got very angry. Not a great run for PlayStation so far this year, is it?

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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