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PlayStation 6 price set to be more expensive than we imagined, leaker warns

PlayStation 6 price set to be more expensive than we imagined, leaker warns

Uh oh, we're not keen on the idea of more expensive consoles

It barely feels like we’ve scratched the surface of what the PlayStation 5 is truly capable of, yet we’re already looking ahead to the PlayStation 6 with overzealous longing. But should we be all that excited? According to a leaker, the answer is no.

Last week, Sony confirmed that the PlayStation 5 is in the “latter stage” of its life; news that shocked everyone considering how little we’ve seen from the console. This in turn caused fans to raise concerns over how quickly both Sony and Microsoft are looking ahead, with many claiming it’s too soon to be thinking about next-gen.

It would seem that it is too soon, at least for our wallets. According to well known leaker Kelper, the PlayStation 6 and new Xbox will be extremely pricey – that or they’ll only deliver minute performance gains. Neither of which sound appealing.

Gamers are left to debate which is the more likely outcome, with one player believing that its the smaller gains that’ll be felt rather than a steeper price: “I think smaller performance gains on consoles makes more sense.”

They continued, “PS5 was rather powerful, but games are not running any better as game devs waste all additional performance if they are not forced to optimise, which hurts not only [the] console market but PC as well.”

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As for a higher price, as another gamer pointed out, if console prices keep increasing then “PCs will become more popular”. For the majority of people, gaming PCs are seen as a particularly lavish luxury, one that few of us are willing (or able) to splash out on – can you imagine if those same PCs end up being cheaper than consoles?

Obviously, neither Sony nor Microsoft has commented on this price speculation, with neither likely to this early in the game. However, it stands to reason that with profits purportedly harder to grow via the PS5, Sony will be looking for other ways to improve its profit margins.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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