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PlayStation 6 will be end of PlayStation as we know it, analyst warns

PlayStation 6 will be end of PlayStation as we know it, analyst warns

The next PlayStation is going to make some big changes

Say goodbye to physical media, as rumours suggest the next PlayStation console will be all-digital.

As consoles get more and more complicated and expensive to produce, companies have found ways to justify a price drop without dealing irreparable damage to profits, one of which being all-digital consoles.

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Buy an all-digital Xbox Series X/S or PlayStation 5 and you’ll spend less money on the console, but it means any game you purchase will have to come from the official store, which has complete control of the initial price and any discounts.

However that’s up to the consumer, as they can always go for a console with a disc-drive if they fancy that instead. Both my Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are the disc-drive version, and while I primarily play digital games it’s just nice to have the choice.

That being said, it's rumoured that the next PlayStation console, the PlayStation 6, will be all-digital by default.

This comes from analyst Mat Piscatella who recently tweeted that “folks should probably just get used to this (no physical Xbox versions) across the market sooner rather than later.”

He went on to reply to someone saying in terms of all-digital consoles becoming the rule and not the exception, he’d give “PS another gen, Nintendo another two.

Of course this is purely speculation, and there’s been no official word from Sony on the PlayStation 6’s existence let alone what kind of software it’ll support.

Xbox on the other hand has stated that it’ll continue to support physical media in the years to come, so it sounds like Xbox users won’t have to worry about their precious discs going anywhere anytime soon.

Hopefully the future of gaming isn’t all-digital, as least with a disc you can sell it on when you’ve had your fill, as well as wait for it to go on sale.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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