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PlayStation 5's biggest game right now is an Xbox exclusive, the console wars are over

PlayStation 5's biggest game right now is an Xbox exclusive, the console wars are over

Who'd have thought it?

How many people would have seen this coming? It’s hard to have gauged that one of Microsoft’s best Xbox titles would be released on the PlayStation brand and become a bestseller to boot.

It’s a little reminiscent of when SEGA started dropping their titles on Nintendo platforms after years of rivalry. It’s something many wanted but never knew would actually happen, but Sea of Thieves is officially coming to PlayStation consoles 30 April and preorders for the game are currently beating out Elden Ring’s DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree.

Sea of Thieves will be landing on PlayStation very soon

Developed by Rare, Sea of Thieves has been a staple of the Xbox Game Pass catalogue for some time. Bringing together players from across the world, being a pirate has never been so much fun. Journeying out onto the waters, searching for treasure, defeating enemies of all sorts, it’s a game that is perfect for any age.

While some players found the PvP aspects a little toxic and unfair, it stayed a success due to its engaging replayability. In the most recent season, however, the option was finally given to players to eschew the PvP and focus solely on PvE and treasure hunting.

The upcoming release of the premium edition of the game is sitting among the top preorders for PlayStation players, beating out several games. It comes to PlayStation among several titles that Microsoft is breaking out from their exclusivity which also includes Hi-Fi Rush and Grounded.

It’s a bold strategy from Microsoft and could pave the way for bigger exclusives to jump from their home console over to rivals. In an age where revenue is harder to grasp without storming into live service, it’s a smart move that seems to be paying off, given the excitement and preorders. I wonder what game Microsoft will gamble with next.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft, Sony

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