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PlayStation 5 system update available now, fans already roasting it

PlayStation 5 system update available now, fans already roasting it

We do enjoy a good roast

Remember the days when nobody sh*t talked about their consoles? No? Us neither. It’s not that we’re against healthy criticism, but PlayStation seems to be taking a lashing of late, even more so after its latest system update.

Fans are roasting it, and that’s putting it mildly. Although highly entertaining for us on the surface, as many of us also own a PS5, we’re also crying behind the tears. The biggest update claim that fans are laughing at, not with, is the “improved system software performance and stability”.

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Gifs of a stumbling PS5, followed by someone saying, “Stability my ass, it's flailing about!” rang loud and clear across the Reddit thread. The dry humour and perfectly timed sarcasm continued, resulting in a thread that will have you laughing out loud on more than one occasion – probably more so if you’re an Xbox user.

“Only reason I bought a PS5 is to say I live in a stable home,” said Redditor Juan23456789, while another gamer said, “After updating the PS5, I tried to kick it off the table and ended up breaking my foot because of how much stability it has now.” Poor thing, now they have a broken foot, stability over 3,000, and a PS5 that feels scorned; it’s all happening.

For those who don’t get the countless memes generated from Sony’s latest PS update, one gamer took the time to lay out the facts: “It's a meme because that's all they ever put in their changelog. For like 10 years.” Ah, that sting when the truth hurts. When probed on whether these stability improvements actually do anything, the same poster said, “Nobody knows.”

While Sony picks itself up and dusts itself off after this onslaught, we’d like to add that PS does have some perks that don’t deserve to be laughed at, like one of the most impressive open worlds in a game, all for free. Well, as free as a PS Plus subscription.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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