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PlayStation 5 system update quietly rolls out new feature you probably missed

PlayStation 5 system update quietly rolls out new feature you probably missed

A much-needed improvement...

PlayStation 5 players are finally getting integrated Discord support, praise the Lord.

Whoever had the idea to bring Discord to consoles should have gotten a raise, as it’s made cross-platform gaming and just general chit chat with friends an absolute dream.

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Xbox players have been able to speak to others on Discord, as well as stream their gameplay to those currently in their party, all of which can be seamlessly accessed through the Xbox menus.

PlayStation players have been able to join voice calls for a while too, but in order to do so they’ve needed the Discord mobile app, which has an option within the call to transfer audio to their PlayStation 5 consoles.

It worked, but it was a hassle, which is why it was great to hear Sony would be implementing DIscord directly into the PlayStation UI rather than having to mess around with separate applications.

The feature will gradually roll out in the coming weeks depending on where you live, with Japan being among the first to receive the feature, followed by Europe, Australia, the Middle-East and finally the US.

In a post online outlining the new feature and how it’ll work, fans were over-the-moon to finally say goodbye to the alternate apps needed to connect.

One exclaimed “FINALLY OH MY F****** GOD THANK YOU.”

Another agreed, “Yeah it's quite a hassle to have to join the call from one device first and then from PS5 afterwards.”

Finally one called it “great and desperately needed, especially since so many games are cross play now.”

Pretty soon it’ll be easier than ever to play online with your friends, whether it be on the same platform or across PlayStation, Xbox or PC, so keep an eye out for the feature landing in your region in the coming weeks.

Featured Image Credit: SOny

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