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PlayStation 5 finally getting feature we've all been waiting for

PlayStation 5 finally getting feature we've all been waiting for

Finally, after all this time...

The PlayStation 5 is reportedly getting an incredible new feature later this year, that could change everything.

Sony has released several updates for its latest console over the past few years, as well as made numerous additions to its subscription service PlayStation Plus, like adding PlayStation 2 games to its Premium library.

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Another addition to the PlayStation 5 is seamless Discord integration, but it doesn’t seem like Sony is finished there.

According to the latest rumours, Sony wants to release an update in the future that’ll allow the PlayStation 5 to run PlayStation 3 games natively, rather than cloud-streamed which is how they’re currently played.

The issue with cloud-streaming is it requires a solid internet connection for the best overall experience, so if your connection regularly dips or buffers, it’s not an ideal way to play.

Xbox allows its players to play Xbox 360 and original Xbox titles on the Xbox Series X/S without cloud-streaming, and it sounds like the PlayStation 5 will copy that feature, but without the option to use a physical disc.

This would be huge for fans of the system, as not only would it make PlayStation 3 games far more accessible, it also paves the way for more PlayStation 3 games to appear on the PlayStation 5 store.

It also adds a bit more value to PlayStation Plus Premium, as at least then you’d be able to play the PS3 games without the need for a strong internet connection.

At the moment though this is all just speculation, and until Sony makes an official announcement regarding its future plans for backwards compatibility, all fans can do now is patiently wait, and hope there’s some weight to the rumours.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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