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PlayStation 5 gamers issued major warning to prevent their consoles from overheating

PlayStation 5 gamers issued major warning to prevent their consoles from overheating

Don't end up like this player

No one wants to be faced with the warning message that their PlayStation is overheating; it’s the stuff of nightmares.

What makes the situation more tense is when your console has only been on for a mere 10 minutes. Yikes.

To (hopefully) avoid this happening to you, there’s an obvious solution: keep your PlayStation dust and dirt free.

The problem is, with pets, hair, etc in our houses, doing so can prove quite the challenge.

How are we all feeling about Dragon Age: The Veilguard? You'll want your consoles alive and well for this beauty!

As a fellow gamer pointed out, “Dog or cat fur (if they shed a lot) can choke the ever-living sh*t out of your vents and fans inside.”

They added, “Even without the pets, your fans can get clogged with lint and dust too. Also, keep the console in a well-ventilated open space.”

I’m immediately anxious about the state of my PS5 thanks to my incredibly fluffy cat, partnered with my appalling lack of care when it comes to cleaning... But let’s ignore that for now...

Others suggest going one step further to prevent the dreaded overheating notification from Sony: buying an air purifier.

“I bought a small (HEPA) air purifier and have its fan faced right at the PS5/TV area. It's great for reducing dust,” posted another Redditor further down the thread.

Of course, you can be as diligent as humanly possible and still find your machine spluttering a gasping breath. However, the likelihood of that happening is greatly reduced by keeping your environment clean.

We sound like an annoyed mother, we know, but we’re only reminding you because you'll want that hardware to stay strong – there’s too many amazing games on the way for it to bite the dust now!

With a massive free game coming to PlayStation Plus in September, you’ll want to be able to dive into the magic of its gameplay without fear of combustion.

Keep your rooms clean, and those PlayStations cool, gamers.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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