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PlayStation 5 price reduction is about to make Sony's console much cheaper

PlayStation 5 price reduction is about to make Sony's console much cheaper

But it won't last forever.

Hey there. Been looking to buy yourself a PlayStation 5? Great! However, you might want to hold that thought for just a little while longer, as it’s reported that a significant price drop is happening soon in multiple countries, and you won’t want to miss out.

Last year brought bad news for gamers who hadn’t yet managed to get their hands on a PS5. In August 2022, Sony’s new-gen console received a permanent price hike. In the UK, Disc Edition consoles rose from £449.99 to £479.99, while Digital Edition consoles went from £359.99 to £389.99. Given how difficult it was to buy a PS5 at all up until this year, there’s no doubt that this increase affected many people.

Later this year, PS5 owners will be able to get stuck into Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Take a look at the trailer below.

However, according to prominent leaker billbil-kun (via Dealabs), Disc Edition PS5s will soon be discounted in Germany, the UK and U.S. thanks to a temporary promotional offer. The leaker claims that gamers in the UK can expect to see a reduction of £75 (making the total price £404.99), while those in Germany can expect a €75 reduction (for a total of €474.99), and people in the U.S. can get ready for a slightly lower (but still juicy) $50 discount (making the console cost $449.99).

Allegedly, these discounts will only be available via certain retailers, including PlayStation Direct, GAME, Target, MediaMarkt and Amazon. However, the leaker hasn’t specified when the promotion will begin, so it’s not clear how long we’ll have to wait to confirm if this is true.

Billbil-kun has an excellent track record of reliable leaks - they’re the same person who accurately leaks the PlayStation Plus free games almost every month. Even so, take this info with a pinch of salt until Sony officially confirms that the deal is happening.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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