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PlayStation 5 gamers warned they have their controllers set up all wrong

PlayStation 5 gamers warned they have their controllers set up all wrong

Did you know about the DualSense trick?

Whether it’s the PlayStation 5 console or its DualSense controller, there are loads of features that we may not know about such as the one featured in this story.

Sony launched the PlayStation 5 in 2020 for most regions worldwide and it quite literally changed the game boasting improved visuals, performance and a whole host of snazzy features that its PS4 predecessor did not have. For starters, you’re able to hide spoilers and jump straight into specific missions for trophy hunters, it also came with a much faster Solid State Drive and much more.

Check out the new smaller PS5 console below!

One other feature that comes with the PlayStation 5 that its predecessor does not have is its built-in microphone in the DualSense controller. For reference, the PS4’s DualShock 4 does have a speaker but it does not have a microphone.

You can mute and unmute the DualSense mic by pressing the button on the face controller and when active, you can even use it for voice commands to the PlayStation 5. For the most part, I have the mic turned off, because not only do I use a headset for communication, but nobody wants to hear my voice rambling and ranting randomly in frustration online.

However, it seems that the DualSense built-in mic also has another benefit of turning off the mic other than to avoid hearing my ranting voice, as shared in this Reddit thread. “What are some pro tips for new PS5 owners?” asked _oldschoolfellow.

“Make sure the microphone on the controller is on Mmute. When the mic is active, the Adaptive Triggers aren't as good,” advised a very helpful Reddit user. To the surprise of fellow members on the thread, this is the first time they’ve heard of this news.

“Wait, this is the first time I’ve heard this,” replied Revanthmk23200. “I have had my PS5 for about two years and never heard about this,” said octopusbroccoli to which the revealer of the helpful news responded, “Yep, it’s annoying that it’s not clearly mentioned anywhere, as far as I know.”

So, there you have it, hopefully, you’ve learned something new today about your PlayStation 5 console and its DualSense controller.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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