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PlayStation 5 gamers surprised with free download for huge 2024 game

PlayStation 5 gamers surprised with free download for huge 2024 game

Who doesn't love a freebie?

PlayStation 5 players have received a surprise update for Stellar Blade, adding brand-new costumes to the game.

It’s a big week for new costumes in PlayStation 5 games apparently, as earlier this week Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 players were treated to several new suits for Peter and Miles, and there’s more where that came from.

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Staying on topic, arguably the most controversial title of the year so far, Stellar Blade, has also received an update to its wardrobe, free for all PlayStation 5 players.

The costumes in Stellar Blade have been a source of debate since the game was first shown off, with many believing they’re too revealing whereas other, more degenerate players, believe they’re not revealing enough.

PlayStation ended up censoring a variety of in-game outfits post-launch, spurring a campaign to have the censorship reversed so the more thirsty players could see digital boobs and butts as much as they’d like, it ended up going nowhere though.

Nevertheless it hasn’t stopped the game’s developer from adding a few more outfits to the game as part of plans to keep supporting the game in the months to come.

Two new outfits have been added, the Cyber Illusionist and the FourSeconds Destroyed Denim, both of which are free.

They’re not just added to your wardrobe automatically though, players will need to earn the right to wear them by defeating specific bosses.

In order unlock Cyber Illusionist you’ll need to defeat Raven on Hard difficulty in the boss challenge mode, and for FourSeconds Destroyed Denim you’ll have to visit Roxanne’s shop on Xion.

So if you fancy dressing up Eve in these brand new costumes, jump into the latest version of the game and get to earning them.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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