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PlayStation 5 users only just learning console has a major hidden feature

PlayStation 5 users only just learning console has a major hidden feature

You can surf on your PS5 (kind of)

Despite now entering its fourth year since it was released, there are some features that gamers haven't discovered about the PlayStation 5 console, such as the topic of today’s discussion.

The PlayStation 5 has plenty of snazzy features other than playing our favourite video games, movies or music. You can access the console with your mobile phone via remote play, restrict spoilers from being revealed on the dashboard, use voice commands, even use a keyboard and mouse, and much more.

Check out the new and smaller PlayStation 5 below!

However, there is one other PlayStation 5 feature that is a little trickier to find as mentioned by Reddit user NOMC19 and that’s its secret web browser. For whatever reason, unlike the PlayStation 4, Sony hasn't implemented a dedicated web browser app on the PlayStation 5, but you can access the internet via the console if you know where to look.

So how do you access the hidden PlayStation 5 web browser, I hear you ask? Firstly, you need to go into the PS5 ‘System’ in the Settings menu and select ‘Web Browser’, then select ‘Enable JavaScript’ and ‘Allow Cookies’.

Now, go into ‘Network’ via the main ‘Settings’ menu and select ‘View PlayStation Network Status’. From here you should be able to select ‘Back to’ and once in, scroll down to find the YouTube logo, now, sign in with your Google account and you should be able to access the Google browser.

It’s all a bit of a ballache and it would have been so much easier if Sony had simply implemented a web browser app on the PlayStation 5. At this point, I doubt that PS5 will ever get that app now, but at least there’s a workaround if you’re desperate to access the internet on your console.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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