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PlayStation 4 system update quietly released without us noticing

PlayStation 4 system update quietly released without us noticing

Sony has released a new system update for PlayStation 4

It doesn't matter how good a video game or console might be, post-launch updates are often required to fix any reported and unforeseen issues and PlayStation consoles are no exception.

Earlier this week, Sony deployed the latest update for PlayStation 5 which brought a whole host of fantastic new features, such as improved DualSense audio, built-in mic clarity, new share screen functions, and much more.

Check out the PlayStation 5 slim trailer below!

Last month, even the PlayStation 3 received a new system update, a console that had ceased sale at retailers years ago. Now, Sony has released system update 11.40 for PlayStation 4. Now before we get too excited, this system update is nowhere near the level of the most recent PlayStation 5 update. So, you have been warned.

It’s certainly been a busy week for PlayStation gamers, not only with the system updates but also the latest batch of games that have been revealed for the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium tiers for March 2024, bringing a total of 13 free games. Those games range from AAA big hitters, indie darlings and some beloved retro classics.

So, what does system update 11.40 bring to your PlayStation 4 console, I hear you ask? It improves system software for performance and stability as well as improving messages and usability “on some screens”. See, I told you not to get too excited.

However, as dull as this update might seem, it’s a vital one. Not only is it vital to ensure that the console continues to run smoothly, but the words “performance and stability” are often code words associated with combating hackers. In particular, these updates are often implemented to prevent jailbreaks (not of the Alcatraz Island variety).

Both of this week's system updates for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 should begin to download the next time you boot up your consoles. That’s unless, of course, you’ve dealt with it already.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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