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PlayStation drops over 300 hours of free games to keep you busy

PlayStation drops over 300 hours of free games to keep you busy

Don't you dare say you've got nothing to play

PlayStation is spoiling its fans with this epic collection of games.

Right now, there’s approximately 300 hours of free games to play; or, if you want another perspective, two weeks' worth of entertainment.

There’s no way any of you can say there’s nothing to play.

Say hello to the Assassin's Creed Shadows world premiere trailer

On Wednesday, PlayStation announced the extra 13 games headed to PS Plus this May. Arguably, a lot of subscribers are excited about Red Dead Redemption 2, however, there’s also Watch Dogs, and Cat Quest (to name but a few)

If you do the maths for all the PS Plus games currently free of charge, you’ll find hundreds of hours of action at your fingertips.

“Not bad. There's a few [games] here I'm interested to try,” shared a Redditor after seeing all the games up for grabs.

However, while it’s wonderful news for many, there are some who are bitter about the titles on offer – mainly because they let their impatience get the better of them.

Another gamer lamented, “Why did I buy RDR2 when it came out?!!!!!” Then added, “But Cat Quest seems cool.”

Should you be struggling to find something to play (how?), fear not, for the first free game for June is a certified banger.

But seriously, there’s no reason to go without playing something for the cost of next to nothing when there’s so much quality content to feast on.

With PlayStation players about to lose a ton of exclusives, it’s comforting to know that there’ll always be a game on standby to pick us up when we’re down in the dumps.

And let’s not forget the surprising but welcome news that The Elder Scrolls VI could be headed to PlayStation, thanks to Microsoft taking Xbox in a new direction.

All in all, it’s a fantastic time to be a PS5 – or PS4 – gamer.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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