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PlayStation drops over 100 hours' worth of free games for you to download and play

PlayStation drops over 100 hours' worth of free games for you to download and play

Quite the bang for your buck!

My oh my, PlayStation gamers will be awfully busy over the next month or so.

In case you missed it – we're not sure how that’s even possible – PlayStation is delivering a “oversized” PS Plus collection for June.

Consequently, this means hundreds of hours’ worth of action, drama, cosy living, and more will be waiting for you. In fact, there may also be some unexpected scares, and maybe even tears before the month is out.

How thrilled are you to finally have a release window for Until Dawn on PS5?

To help you better understand the amount of effort and time each of the new free games will take, one Redditor has provided answers.

In their post, they share the “review scores, trophies, platinum difficulty & length, download size” for June’s selection.

Some of the upcoming games are already available, while the remaining ones will trickle through from 4 June onward.

Despite the sheer volume of entertainment on display, not all PlayStation Plus subscribers are impressed by June’s bumper offering.

“I really don’t like the line up this month,” remarked one user. Another then added, “I haven’t liked the line up this year.”

It seems Sony’s woes when it comes to PS Plus satisfaction levels are set to continue.

While there’s marked disappointment amongst the PS Plus community, there’s some excitement and hype to be found – you just need to really search for it.

Kindly_Ticket428 said, “I am actually excited to play SpongeBob. Am I the only one, lol?” Thankfully, others quickly replied saying it’s a “neat little game”.

Still, the positivity regarding June’s free downloads is limited.

But don’t let that deter you from exploring all the adventures on the way; there’s some bangers to be found, like Dredge, and Tomb Raider Legend. Oh yes, PS2 titles are coming to the PS5. Finally.

There's a lot to be getting on with, so maybe you should go game rather than read what we're saying. Go, go, go!

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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