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New PlayStation 5 hardware revealed

New PlayStation 5 hardware revealed

A new PlayStation 5 controller is on the way, and aims to fix one of its most common issues.

A new PlayStation 5 controller is on the way, and aims to fix one of its most common issues.

One area where PlayStation has seemingly always succeeded is in its controllers. After all, they stuck with the same design from the PlayStation 1 all the way to the PlayStation 4, and even then it was only slightly different.

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In recent years though, Sony has filled its controllers with loads of cool features, like haptic feedback, built-in speakers and lights that often reflect what’s happening in-game. They’ve even inspired Microsoft, which is releasing a new Xbox controller next year, alongside a new Xbox Series X, and it’s basically a DualSense.

However, a common problem with modern controllers, especially PlayStation ones, is stick drift, which has become increasingly common over the last few years. Luckily, a new PS5 controller is on the way, and it’ll reportedly eliminate the problem entirely.

The Nacon Revolution 5 Pro controller is being officially licensed by Sony, and will be priced in a similar way to the PS5 DualSense Edge, costing €229.90 in Europe. It’s unknown if the controller will be released in the US at some point in the future.

It boasts over 60 customisation options, allowing you to swap buttons, triggers, sticks etc whenever you want. It’s also got a 10-hour battery life, and “magnetic technology” to eliminate stick drift, which could be a game changer for fans who are tired of having to get their controllers repaired/replaced.

While it’s being sold as a controller compatible with PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 consoles, it’s also compatible with PC, as well as plans to make it work with mobile devices sometime in 2024.

The Nacon Revolution 5 Pro is looking like a decent option for those who want a quality controller for slightly less than an official PlayStation one, or one that’s built with longevity in mind.

An exact release date hasn’t been shared as of yet, though pre-orders are live and point to sometime in October as when the controller will drop.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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